Born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon. I perused a master's degree in Architecture at the Saint Esprit Kaslik University in Beirut. My career in architecture, spanned over several countries and different schools of design and implimentation. However, Painting has always been my obsession since childhood the passion begged my time and focus leaving not much room anything else. I am fascinated by buried emotions, imperceptible sensations, confusion , the temptation of a lost soul, and the mystery of a tormented spirit. I want to portray this inner agony as I see it, between the yin and yang of denial and acceptance. The faces I paint are without identity, without gender, a fusion of imperfections and that lost, anguished gaze of a lost dream and the disarray of fleeing. I see life not as a reality but an illusion an existential disappointment, an eternal dissatisfaction and anger of betrayal. Ecstasy and desire. The conflict between reality and nothingness...


An architect by training, this artist of Lebanese origin paints anonymous faces.
Her portraits highlight a perpetual inner struggle, as they reveal buried emotions, confusion and the temptations of a tormented spirit.
In an explosion of color, Elise blurs the boundary between the real and the imaginary. She releases on the canvas the imperceptible sensations that she detects and experiences. Her evanescent figures materialize these feelings of anger, doubt, or even of ecstasy and desire.
Painting is a real refuge for Elise.
Intense and intriguing, the faces without identity, all bear the trace of her journey, of her fears and desires.